ARASTUR, Architecture and Urbanism, is a consulting firm that covers the entire process in urban development and real estate projects. 

Founded by renowned professionals with extensive experience in the field of urban planning and construction, It is formed by a multidisciplinary team that over the years has been providing services to public bodies, financial institutions and private companies. 

Our constant is to achieve customer satisfaction by giving value to the questions posed, always based on 3 pillars: high quality, flexibility and cost savings.

To meet this ambitious goal we operate with professionalism and rigor, and get a quick attention thanks to those that constitute our identity: specialization and flexibility.


ARASTUR consists of a multidisciplinary team with over 20 years of professional experience in project management. The team is led by:

Juan Sáez Navarro

Juan Sáez Navarro

Jesús Ramón Gracia del Valle

Jesús Ramón Gracia del Valle


Architect specialty in Urbanism
- Universidad Politécnica de Madrid -

Management of Construction and Real Estate Companies
- Universidad politécnica de Madrid -


Department of Urbanism Director
- Arastur -

Architect assistant
- City Council of Alfajarín -
- City Council of Pinseque -
- City Council of Zuera -

- Gesmar, S.L. -


Academic Director
Master in Management of Construction and Real Estate Companies, of Universidad Politécnica de Madrid along with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Zaragoza

Coordinator and teacher
Real simulation module “Market Game”

Seminar on Urban Planning of the Federation of construction companies, Caixa-Galicia Foundation


Technical Architect
- Polytechnic University of Barcelona -

Specialization course
Integrated Project Management Building
- Polytechnic University of Madrid -


Technical Director
- Arastur -

Technical Director
- Grupo Gesmar -

Construction manager
- Constructora Hejam S.A -


Bavaria building 368 housing blocks
- Zaragoza neighborhood Actur. -

548 family terraced houses
- Polygon Garena Alcala de Henares. -

Diagonal Plaza Hotel, 176 rooms
- Zaragoza Logistics Platform (PLAZA). -

476 Houses corresponding to 4 block buildings
- Zaragoza neighborhood Valdespartera. -

Raft and reservoir for water supply
- municipality of Zuera. -